What can I do about my nausea during pregnancy?

Why do so many pregnant women have nausea?
Many women have nausea during pregnancy, most often during the first 12 weeks.  You may have even started to feel nauseous before you knew you were pregnant.  We don’t know exactly why nausea occurs in pregnancy, but it could be from hormones or other changes in your body that occur to support the growth of your baby, and may be worse with stress, lack of sleep or eating certain foods.  Although often referred to as “morning sickness”, nausea can occur anytime.  What can you do if you have nausea?


  • Keep a food diary (write down what you eat).  Foods that may make your nausea worse include foods that are spicy, fatty/fried and those with strong odors.  You could keep track of what you eat to help identify your ‘trigger’ foods.
  • It’s important to continue eating regularly to get the nutrients and energy you need for you and your growing baby.  Some foods may be easier to eat such as cereal, rice, bananas, toast, clear soup, sherbet, popsicles, ice cubes made from juice and flavored gelatin.
  •  Ginger (ground, fresh, ginger ale, ginger candy) may help.  Ask your Fresh Rx team for tips on using ginger!
  • Try sucking on hard candy or mints.
  • If you think your prenatal supplement is the cause of your nausea try taking it with food.  If that doesn’t help, ask your OB doctor if you should adjust the timing/type of prenatal supplement.


  • Keeping something in your stomach throughout the day (especially first thing in the morning) may help prevent nausea.  Keep crackers or other snack by your bed, to eat when you wake up.
  • Eating small and frequent meals about 5-6 times per day may help reduce nausea.


  • Drink plenty of fluids!  If beverages at mealtime make your nausea worse or you become full on liquid and aren’t able to eat, you can save your beverages for in between meals.
  • Try using a straw and sipping liquids slowly.


  • Breathing in fresh air can help!  Get outside if it’s not too cold or move to a room where there is ventilation or a fan.
  • Rest when you are able.
  • Reach out to your Fresh Rx team!  Our team includes a chef and dietitian who could help you find foods and recipes that may work for you.
  • If your nausea continues and these tips don’t help, make sure to talk to your OB doctor.  You may have a more severe condition that requires medication, therapy or other supplements to help with the nausea.

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