Biver Farms

Biver Farms is an organic farm owned and run by Keith Biver. Get to know the man behind one of the few certified organic farms in our area:

How long have you been farming?

Since 1996.

Tell us about your farm

My parents bought the farm in 1978 and this is where I grew up. Biver farms is certified organic and was started with a friend.
We have a couple of workers for a most of the year and usually 4-6 workers for the main harvest season.

What motivates you?

I like growing good organic produce for people that appreciate it.

What things do you love most?

I enjoy working outside and seeing the progression of the plants from seedling to harvest. I also enjoy seeing all the people that line up at the farmers markets to come get our produce, and of course the smiling, happy faces of the fair shares crew on Tuesdays.

What do you find challenging?

The challenges are mother nature, finding good labor and the amount of time needed to get everything done.

What are the farming practices you take pride in and why?

I take pride in producing a quality product because when customers are happy it makes me feel good.